Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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hey ppl this is for all those brave souls givin pg entrance in india.. or for dat matter in d world... hope u find it useful guys.

1)this is a chart of everything that causes Ach to go up or go down... i always used to get confused with these... its pretty simple now dat iv drawn this... for almost evrythin dats up.. tretment is atropine.. and for everything dats down.. treatment is neostigmine or physostigmine...Note:- add TCA(tricyclic antidepressents) and anti-histamines and anti-pshychotics to d below list... thz commonly av anticholinergic side effects.

2)this is a misc chart... on d top is a strip of numbers with chr of common diseases... i could never remember numbers... the trick is to make it visual like the strip... this trick was given by d fmt proff i had in DAMS..on d ryt is a list of diseases .. all of them av d theme dat they r d same diseases just acquired and congenital forms of d disease... on d left is d list of drugs which r used in prophylaxis of certain diseases... we often get questions like... all of the following can be used in an ACUTE attack of _____ except... thz drugs wud be the answers... coz they r not used acutely... they r for chr. prophylaxis.
3)this is d ortho man! all named soft tissue swellings r here... the arrows indicate the bones where Avascular necrosis occurs... v common questions... 1)head of femur 2)body of talus 3)scaphoid proximal part... in all cases blood supply goes from distal to proximal part...IOC (inv. of choice) for AVN is MRI.

4)this is all the vesicuolbullous diseases of skin. most questions on it come asking what layer of the skin is involved and at what level did the split occur.. 1st column is the most superficial with the most flaccid bullae in the subepidermal layer of skin.. 2nd level is the 2nd most sup with more tense bullae and the level of split is suprabasal... 3rd column is the most deep with the most tense bullae and the level of plit is dermo-epidermal junction

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