Saturday, August 7, 2010

its always struck me

its always struck me dat sumhow we always end up watching classic old films made by hollywood rather than go into our own history n watch classics of our own time... we watch movies like the godfather, goodfellas, pulp fiction, the shining, n sing praises of martin scorcese, stanley kubrick, francis ford coppolla, but how many of us has watched the films of satyajit ray? shyam benegal? rituparno ghosh? mani ratnams old tamil classic nayakan?

did u kno dat nayakan is 1 of only 2 or 3 films included by the time magazine in its 100 best films ever?? how many of us has seen it? how many have seen 'the terrorrist'? the last lear? raincoat? salaam bombay? pyaasa?   

its just weird isnt it? theres a whole glut of classic bollywood films dat we avnt even thot existed.. i recently came across some of these titles on wikipedia... n it got me thinking... its always the firangs who end up watching these classics n usually praise em n we end up not even knowing abt such films... hehe just symbolizes d state of mind of the indian audience doesnt it?!

even i avent seen ppl...  but i do feel like now.. iv just downloaded the last lear... rituparno ghosh.. reviews of age old gems from india coming up ppl...

just think abt it... tc.. biii

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  1. I sooo agree. Bollywood can be really good but some people jus hav this idea that bollywood is al bout the heroine runnin round the trees and the hero fightin the villains. I think if we jus go wid an open mind then we'll realise that sumtimes bollywood can be better than hollywood.