Thursday, August 5, 2010

rare movies

this 1's abt those rare movies which r just deadly but evry1s just missed out on em coz it wasnt a hit... or it wasnt publicized enuff n stuff... il keep updating this blog.... sum rare gems in this post...

- manorama 6 feet under (remake of chinatown , roman polanski, but it aint a rip off , hez made it in his own vision, 1 of my fav movies ever)

- the jacket (keira knightley movie, has a bit of romance, a bit of time travel, v well made, loved it )

- before sunrise

- before sunset (both of em r gr8 movies... no plot nuthin ... just 2 ppl talkin to each other.. dats it.. gr8 movies)

- mithya (rajat kapoor directed... starring ranvir shorey... amazing movie if u can read between the lines... gr8 plot.. gr8 script... wickedly funny in its own way... wonderful performances... guys u av to watch this 1, we watched it twice on our unforgettable trip to 4 states in 4 days, me shashank, sanket, dan n makya!)

- yahaan (realli well made luv story set in kashmir, jimmy shergill, minisha lamba)

- no smoking (anurag kashyaps biggest flop, but wht a movie if u understand it... its a metaphor for life... d whole movie... everything stands for sumthin else... in d movie... just gotta make out wht it is.. if u don understand it... ul hate it.. do a google search.. its worth it to understand it... anurags given an interview abt it on rediff)

- my wife's murder (very well made thriller abt a guy who accidentally kills his wife... boman irani.. anil kapoor.. nandana sen ...another gr8 script.. luvd it)

- strangers ( based on alfred hitchcocks movie strangers on a train,, jimmy shergill .. kay kay menon... its abt 2 men whomeet on a train .. n decide to kill each others wives... gr8 plot nah?  quite well made)

- arthurs hallowed ground (hehe .. a v funny english movie abt an old english groundsman who takes care of a a cricket ground... absolutely luvd it... saw iton world movies once.. 5: 00 am to 7 :00 am .. cant find it newhere... wana download it .. luvly movie )

- dan in real life ( v nice romcom... has steve carrell in it n juliette binoche .. realli gud romcom)

- garden state ( another v nice romcom.. zach braff... natalie portman... realli cute... 1 of my fav movies)

more to come ppl ... i guess im writing this partially coz i myself don wanna forget abt thz movies! wud wana show em to my kids!

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