Wednesday, August 4, 2010

some movies dat iv seen recently

Hello ppl. Just watched inception for d second time last nyt with my sis n cousin. Still cant get over it man. Just d scope of d movie and its execution with all its complexity. What impressed me d most was dat d movie was as intellectually satisfying as it was emotionally. I think very few movies are there which mange to do that.
 If i ever come across christopher nolan ill touch his feet! Every movie hez directed is a classic. I dont know if you av heard of 'The Prestige', even that was an amazing movie directed by him, although not as popular as the batman series.
 Just thot id share with u some titles which iv seen recently which i liked.
- the hurt locker

- watching the detectives (this is 1 of those TV movies which are actualli quite good, it has cillian murphy n lucy liu in it, liu is lukin quite hot in it, anyway back to the movie, its about this absolutely wild girl who keeps doing these crazy things just to entertain herself and then gets cillian into trouble all the time coz of it, d basic philosophy behind her life is dat she neva watches TV, instead she prefers DOING what she wud njoi seeing on TV! fascinating)

- she's the man (1 of d best n funniest teen movies ever)

- strange wilderness (another TV movie which was quite funny)

- pirates of silicon valley (this 1s realli good.. n a lot of fun... it traces the initial years of d computer industry n how it started... focusing on how microsoft n apple began n how bill gates n steve jobs fought with each other! n its v accurate in its representation of these ppl... just chek it out on wikipedia.. esp ppl who have an interest in computers will love this 1)

so catch these if u can.. bii

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