Saturday, August 7, 2010

fmt charts

here are some of the legendary fmt charts put up in our college (terna medical college) ka fmt department... hehe it was seriously good work... i knew dat readin just d charts put up wud almost guarantee passing wid 50%! there were so many!..of course they r not so useful for mcq's... but its still fun to read em.. all were well made.. colurful... realli good... of course thr must av bn just dat 1 man behind d idea... d best fmt proffessor ever... dr. mohanti... he was awarded the man of the millenium in forensic medicine by an organization... so here goes ppl...

spalding's sign of intruterine death

gustafsons method of determing age

cafe coronary

abraded collar

changes in madible with age

death and its modes


defence wounds

proffessional death sentence

skin incisions made during autopsy

types of law courts

more to come


  1. wah wah kanishka.........i dont think u paid so much attention when we were accentually in fmt.

  2. i always attended mohanty dude... although i hated practicals... but i loved these charts man