Friday, December 10, 2010

some gr8 football sites i have come across

I have just come across some amazing and some absolutely beautiful football sites with some terrific writing and observations about the game... - a beautiful site with a lot of focus on history and some brillian forgotten players.. more of a tactical oreinted site with chalkboards and stuff .. gr8 stuff.... realli increased my knowledge and understanding of the 'beautiful game'... a very stylish football site with observations and perspectives on the game by differnt but all v capable writers and sometimes even grad students... - i admit i havent read much on this site but whatever i have read is beautiful... and i cant bealeive its a female resideng in mumbai who is the author!!

more to come guys... iv posted a lot of stories from these sites on to my facebook... u guys can read it for the selected gems... iv learnt a lot about football from these sites...

on a completely different note.... i just realized why i n many others like low scoring cricket matches... there's something about a low scoring match that hits you straight in the gut... i think dat its because a low scoring match is about survival... yes... survival .. that primal instinct which goes beyond cricket... thats the reason why its so compelling to watch a tail ender try to see of a test match to a draw against the likes of shoaib akhtar and other fast bowlers bowling out of their skin... rather than see gilchrist blast another bowler away or sachin play a delicate masterpeice of a stroke...  fascinating isnt it?

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